Tuesday, October 16, 2018

LMTA Ensemble

I wonder how many of you are interested in the ensemble participation.  This year, Lubbock will not have an official group, but Abilene asked Lubbock students to come and be with them.  The students would work on their songs here and then go there or some other location to practice together.  Both Abilene and Lubbock would benefit.  The song for the older group is Inspector Gadget and the younger groups have Mission Impossible and Jalpeno Hop.  That is 3 age groups instead of the usual 2 that Lubbock normally has offered.   Below is some information for you:

After this year's convention, Sherry Frush, ensemble chair for Abilene MTA, contacted me about the possibility of our students joining with the Abilene groups for next year.  She said their numbers have been smaller the past few years as well, and they would welcome our students.  They already have  music approved and a director for each group (elementary, junior high and high school).  There will be logistics to work out to minimize travel for Lubbock students.

I have copied the information from Abilene MTA below.  If you have students who would like to participate in the TMTA Convention ensemble for 2019, contact Sherry Frush as soon as possible to let her know you are interested.  Here is her email address: sherryfrush@yahoo.com

Although AMTA's registration deadline is not until February, please contact her soon (ideally by mid-October) so that she can put you in contact with the director of the group who can let you know which part students should learn (secondo or primo) and so AMTA will know the level of participation to expect from Lubbock.

There is a contract for students to sign and details that may be different from LMTA ensemble guidelines.  Sherry included a draft of AMTA's contract  below so that you can share the general information with your students/parents.  The new contract/agreement details for 2019 will be sent to teachers closer to the registration deadline in February.

I encourage you to participate in the ensemble program!  It was one of the best piano memories for my daughter when she was involved.  Let me know if you have any general questions; contact Sherry Frush for all the details -- sherryfrush@yahoo.com.

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