Tuesday, October 16, 2018

LMTA Ensemble

I wonder how many of you are interested in the ensemble participation.  This year, Lubbock will not have an official group, but Abilene asked Lubbock students to come and be with them.  The students would work on their songs here and then go there or some other location to practice together.  Both Abilene and Lubbock would benefit.  The song for the older group is Inspector Gadget and the younger groups have Mission Impossible and Jalpeno Hop.  That is 3 age groups instead of the usual 2 that Lubbock normally has offered.   Below is some information for you:

After this year's convention, Sherry Frush, ensemble chair for Abilene MTA, contacted me about the possibility of our students joining with the Abilene groups for next year.  She said their numbers have been smaller the past few years as well, and they would welcome our students.  They already have  music approved and a director for each group (elementary, junior high and high school).  There will be logistics to work out to minimize travel for Lubbock students.

I have copied the information from Abilene MTA below.  If you have students who would like to participate in the TMTA Convention ensemble for 2019, contact Sherry Frush as soon as possible to let her know you are interested.  Here is her email address: sherryfrush@yahoo.com

Although AMTA's registration deadline is not until February, please contact her soon (ideally by mid-October) so that she can put you in contact with the director of the group who can let you know which part students should learn (secondo or primo) and so AMTA will know the level of participation to expect from Lubbock.

There is a contract for students to sign and details that may be different from LMTA ensemble guidelines.  Sherry included a draft of AMTA's contract  below so that you can share the general information with your students/parents.  The new contract/agreement details for 2019 will be sent to teachers closer to the registration deadline in February.

I encourage you to participate in the ensemble program!  It was one of the best piano memories for my daughter when she was involved.  Let me know if you have any general questions; contact Sherry Frush for all the details -- sherryfrush@yahoo.com.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Value of Parents in Piano Lessons

This is an article from internet, not me speaking , except occasionally, but I agree with this person.
The Secret Weapon Great Pianists Share
Great pianists have a secret weapon. Now depending on their age, the secret weapon may no longer play an essential role, but rest assured, in the earliest years of their piano education the impressive development of most great pianists was aided by one especially important weapon…
Great Parents!
As with any generalization, there are exceptions to such a bold statement, but make no mistake… very few great pianists would be great without the support and guidance of great parents.
My Parents Called the Shots ( Mine did too)

My parents did not force me into taking piano lessons. However, once I had expressed interest and signed up, quitting piano lessons part-way through the year was not an option. And thank goodness it wasn’t! Because let’s be honest, kids are “right here, right now” kind of creatures and need the guidance of parents to keep them motivated… even if it means missing a play date, a trip to the beach, or a birthday party because of piano lessons.

At every year’s end, my parents always made the decision to re-register me in piano lessons based on their observations of my personal enjoyment. They did not ask me straight out “Do you want to take piano lessons again next year?” because depending on my mood, the weather, or whether or not I liked what we were having dinner, my answer could vary.(Amen to that one. Being a temperamental type, that would never have worked on me.)
So they made the decision, knowing that I was progressing as a pianist, I enjoyed playing piano most of the time, and I was reaping the academic and social benefits of piano lessons.
My Parents Made Piano Lessons a Priority
Knowing that we had made a commitment, piano lessons became as important as eating, sleeping, and brushing your teeth. Piano lessons and recitals were not to be missed. My parents knew that asking me to commit to piano lessons, meant that they had to make a commitment to making every lesson no matter how busy life would get… and trust me, it got busy.
My Parents Were Practice Partners
My piano was in the living room. And if my mom was not on the bench beside me she was certainly not far off. (mine was in the kitchen).She knew exactly what piece I was supposed to be working on, she knew what measures were tripping me up, and most importantly, she knew that I loved playing for her. Rather than saying, “Did you practice for 15 minutes?”, my mom would say, “Your crescendo in the fourth measure was beautiful!” And it wasn’t just my mom who was involved. Even though my dad was not a piano player, he was always eager to witness a mini-concert from the couch and attended every single recital without fail. I knew without a doubt that my involvement in the piano was something both of my parents valued. (My daddy got a kick out of me playing for family that visited. I didn't like that, but now I can relate to his desire.

​I’m going to finish this post of with an analogy.
There are 3 pieces to a piano student pie; the piano student, the piano teacher, and the piano parents. If any one of these three pieces is missing the student will fail and the investment wasted.

It Takes Three.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Calendar for Piano Studio Activities

Linda King’s Piano Studio

September 3, 2018 – Student Affiliate Fees due
October 20, 2018 - All Boys’ Recital*
November 3, 2018 – Celebration of Hymns
November 17, 2018 – Whitlock Theory Test*
November 21, 22, 23, 2018 – No Lessons Wednesday, Thursday Friday
December 14, 2018 – Studio Recital, 1:00 p.m. Redbud Baptist Church
January 7, 2019 – Lessons Start Back
January 26, 2019 – Jazz, Pop & Rock Recital*
February 2, 2019 – Whitlock Theory Test*
February 16, 2019 – LMTA Piano Competition
March 2, 2019- Wee Folk Recital*
March 11-15, 2019 - Spring Break – No Lessons This Week
April 6, 2019 – Spring Piano Festival
April 13, 2019 – Duets & Ensembles Recital*
May 18, 2019 – Studio Recital, 1:00 p.m. Redbud Baptist Church
May 20 – 24, 2019 – Lessons continue
May 27 – 31, 2019 – No Lessons This Week
June ?2019 – Summer Lessons Begin TBA                                                  

*Must be a student affiliate to participate.
Student Affiliate fee is $11 yearly

Student Affiliate Dues to be Paid

Just in case you have forgotten, please return the student information sheet at your next lesson. Student Affiliate dues are needing your approval too. If you plan to play in any city recital sponsored by LMTA or take the theory test, then student affiliate is for you. I strongly encourage everyone who can to take the theory test. There are a few of my students that I consider good examples of what happens to their learning because of preparing for the test. Sometimes a student comes to lessons and sits quietly, acting as though they are listening to what I say, however, when the information must be applied, it doesn't show any understanding. Theory study helps in many ways.
I know some who are planning to continue as Student Affiliate members, but if you haven't done it before, I need to know pretty soon.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


 A new school year starts in just a few days.  It gives me a feeling much like I get when January 1st rolls in to the calendar.  There are new plans, new promises, new programs, new pieces, and new people to meet.  Those New Year's resolutions we make in January may have gone by the wayside, but here we are in August with a chance to begin again. 

Many of you had a chance for rest this summer by taking vacations and having new experiences.  Even though, there were days off schedule, I hope you listened to music and played the piano too. I will see you beginning the week of August 20th.  I have been making plans that a directly related to you.  Very few students learn exactly the same way. Think of the accomplishments you made last year and also the plans you have for this year. Communication with you is an important part of customizing your lessons. Keep me informed about what is going on with your practice and challenge yourself to practice your music with a purpose.  The calendar for this school year and it's piano activities will be given at your first lesson.  All student affiliate fees are due by September 3rd. The calendar will have those activities marked with an *.

I appreciate all of you who have determined that music lessons are activities you want to include in your education.  There are so many benefits that are being realized. 

I will add the old feature back to the blog this year---music trivia.  Correct answers are rewarded.  The question for August 20-24 is : In the song"London Bridge", where is the bridge located now?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Spring Recital information

Our Spring Recital will be held on Saturday, May 19th at 1:00 p.m. at Redbud Baptist Church.  I am not able to attach the program order to this post.  There will be two parts to the recital, however, you are welcome to stay for the entire program if possible. If you want a copy of the program, let me know by email and I will send to you directly.
I also would like to remind you to return your summer and fall information letters to me by May 18th.
After the recital we will have a reception on the west side of the church building.  I will furnish punch and would appreciate your contributions for other food items.  Please let me know if you plan to help.
See you Saturday a few minutes early for pictures before the recital begins.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Spring Festival Coming up April 14, 2018

Spring Break is in its last few hours. That is sad. That means no more play time till school is out. I DO have theory test back and most will be happy. Our next event is April 14th. Many are working on songs for the Spring Festival It always surprises me when students and parents tell me on the day before that they have an out-of-town trip planned on the same day as the festival.
I discovered over this break that I must be in a minority or people who keep a schedule and a list. Without those, I am totally lost.
I would appreciate it if all of you who read this would make sure the correct music and books get to lessons this week. It is hard to prepare when we have to search for books and materials. I am feeling much more "normal", so my posts will occur more often.

Don't feel hopeless this week. Prepare to succeed.
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