Sunday, March 18, 2018

Spring Festival Coming up April 14, 2018

Spring Break is in its last few hours. That is sad. That means no more play time till school is out. I DO have theory test back and most will be happy. Our next event is April 14th. Many are working on songs for the Spring Festival It always surprises me when students and parents tell me on the day before that they have an out-of-town trip planned on the same day as the festival.
I discovered over this break that I must be in a minority or people who keep a schedule and a list. Without those, I am totally lost.
I would appreciate it if all of you who read this would make sure the correct music and books get to lessons this week. It is hard to prepare when we have to search for books and materials. I am feeling much more "normal", so my posts will occur more often.

Don't feel hopeless this week. Prepare to succeed.
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