Wednesday, August 8, 2018


 A new school year starts in just a few days.  It gives me a feeling much like I get when January 1st rolls in to the calendar.  There are new plans, new promises, new programs, new pieces, and new people to meet.  Those New Year's resolutions we make in January may have gone by the wayside, but here we are in August with a chance to begin again. 

Many of you had a chance for rest this summer by taking vacations and having new experiences.  Even though, there were days off schedule, I hope you listened to music and played the piano too. I will see you beginning the week of August 20th.  I have been making plans that a directly related to you.  Very few students learn exactly the same way. Think of the accomplishments you made last year and also the plans you have for this year. Communication with you is an important part of customizing your lessons. Keep me informed about what is going on with your practice and challenge yourself to practice your music with a purpose.  The calendar for this school year and it's piano activities will be given at your first lesson.  All student affiliate fees are due by September 3rd. The calendar will have those activities marked with an *.

I appreciate all of you who have determined that music lessons are activities you want to include in your education.  There are so many benefits that are being realized. 

I will add the old feature back to the blog this year---music trivia.  Correct answers are rewarded.  The question for August 20-24 is : In the song"London Bridge", where is the bridge located now?

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